About the Colorado Pointer Club

The Colorado Pointer Club is a family oriented dog club that promotes the many facets of the Pointer breed by way of holding organized events. These events expose our dogs to the public in ways that casts dog owners in general, and in particular Pointers and Pointer owners in a very favorable light.

Anyone in good standing and interested in the well-being of the Pointer, is welcome as a member, and will be received with open arms and immediately put to work in the area of their interest. Meetings are held each month (visitors are always welcome), contact any of the officers for time and date. Please feel free to contact any of the members listed for more information about the club or upcoming events.

Mother Club

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We hold two specialty shows each year.

We hold two hunt tests each year.

We hold two AKC recognized field trials each year.

We hold a training seminar each year.

We hold two American Field recognized field trial each year.

We have a summer picnic in July and a Christmas party each year.


President: Steve Bailey

Vice President/Secretary: Marc Devos

Treasurer: Tracy Haines

Board Members: Jack Haines Rex Roberts

Membership Application

For membership applications contact: Tracy Haines

Pointer Rescue

Club Contact: - Odebt Massey

Phone at 719-478-2140

Or: Pointer Rescue